VA’s Great Craft Beer for the Great Outdoors

The strong showing Virginia’s breweries made at the Great American Beer Festival last weekend is just the latest indication that the Commonwealth is the birthplace of more than presidents. The state boasts over 100 craft breweries, from hyper-local upstarts to established tastemakers with multiple locations and big plans for expansion.

This bounty of beer is matched by another bounty that blesses Old Dominion: an impressive range of options for outdoor fun. From the Appalachian mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, there is as much to explore outside Virginia’s taprooms as in them.

So why not do both together?

Here I’ve paired thirteen ways to get out of the house across the state with thirteen VA-brewed beers you can find close to (more or less) those activities. Better still, you’ll be able to burn off each beer’s equivalent in calories within an hour — given the nature of these activities, it’s safer to work up a sweat and then earn your reward.

That should take care of your “What should we do this weekend?” for a while.

VA's Great Craft Beer for the Great Outdoors

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